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209500. CountrystoreDirect 50m Standard Rabbit Net Kit

209500.  CountrystoreDirect 50m Standard Rabbit Net Kit

Price: - 199.00 (Inc. VAT)

Test Site Only - please visit www.countrystoredirect.com

CountrystoreDirect 50m Standard Rabbit Net Kit (Orange)

Have you got unwanted rabbits in your garden?

Keeping rabbits out of your garden is often an ongoing problem. Installing an electrified fence is an effective solution, giving protection either around your vegetable patch or whole garden.

This kit comes complete with a universal Main/Battery powered Electric Fencing Energiser to give maximum flexibilty.

The high quality orange 'Flexinet' net is 50m in length enabling a border to be installed or an enclosure of up to 156sq.m to be created with a height of 0.5m. Your fence is easily expandable with additional netting. This premium net has the advantage of double spikes on each post giving additional stability and strength.

The kit is supplied with all cables and connectors required whether you are using mains or battery to power the energiser.
Guy strings and pegs are also provided to enable you to strengthen the corners or ends of your netting.

To view or download kit instructions - click here